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This page will tell you a little about me:  who I am, what I do, and how I orginally got involved doing such a variety of things.

It's about EXPOSURE!

My Philosophy

Wrtiing and editing is no different than any other kind of service except that in some ways it requires more discipline and flexibility.  You deal with a much larger variety of people than you do in a retail business, and quite often the deadlines are much more strenuous.  Does it bother me?  No, I've lived with deadlines all my life, so it's just a part of my nature to have something givne to me at the least minute.  Actually, I work much better under stress.

Work in Progress
Beyond the Smile (Short Story)
Reunion of the Heart (Short Story)
Sometimes Dreams Really Do Come True (Romance Novel)
Where Lovers Have Trod (Romance Novel)
I also have several other things on the burner which have nothing more yet than a title and an idea.  I will keep the site updated when those become more than just an idea.

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My Story

I actually got started writing when I was just a teenager.  I loved to write poems and songs mostly.  I never really thought seriously about it because the most important person in my life told me I wasn't good enough to write professionally, and being somewhat a timid soul, I believed him. 
I entered college at the age of 38 where I learned through the help of some wonderful English teachers that I did actually have a talent for writing, but I was scared to pursue it.  What did I do?  I started writing never did a thing about it.  I had tons of spiral notebooks with unfinished stories and chapters of unfinished novels.  My self-esteem was in the pits by that time but after I became exposed to the Internet in 1998, I become friendly with someone who encouraged me to have my writing published.  I became more serious about it then, thinking thoughts day in and day out.
Where am I now?  I'm still struggling to write that great novel and to see my name in one of those highly distributed publications everyone reads, but I'm writing, editing,and helping publish an online magazine which gives me plenty of exposure and experience.  I'm learning to deal with the negativity and accepting that I am going to be a great writer, and though I may not have as many years to enjoy it as I would have at 20 or 30, I'm still going to enjoy what I can.
For those of you who are new to this business of writing and editing, I have this to say.  A number of years back I was involved in MLM, and one of our top producers wrote a book called "Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dream".  Anytime you let someone tell you that you aren't good enough, and you don't go for it anyway, you're doing just that!  I did it for years, don't you make the same mistake I did.  Always follow your dreams and don't ever look back.